Bioengineered mRNA for gene therapy

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Organization University of Wisconin-Madison
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Market status Early Stage Concept
Industry Medical
Value chain stage Platform
Business models B2B
Biotech components Gene Editing
Organization type(s) University
Funding types University
Notes “University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers have developed a safer and more efficient way to deliver a promising new method for treating cancer and liver disorders and for vaccination—including a COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna Therapeutics that has advanced to clinical trials with humans. The technology relies on inserting into cells pieces of carefully designed messenger RNA (mRNA), a strip of genetic material that human cells typically transcribe from a person's DNA in order to make useful proteins and go about their business. Problems delivering mRNA safely and intact without running afoul of the immune system have held back mRNA-based therapy, but UW–Madison researchers are making tiny balls of minerals that appear to do the trick in mice."
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