MG53 (natural human protein) (preventing lethal lung damage from the flu)

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Organization Ohio State University
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Market status Early Stage Concept
Industry Medical
Business models B2C
Product categories Medicine + Medical Treatment
Biotech components Molecule
Organization type(s) University
Funding types University
Notes “The raging lung inflammation that can contribute to death from the flu can be stopped in its tracks by a drug derived from a naturally occurring human protein, a new animal study suggests...In mouse studies, all untreated animals given a lethal dose of influenza died within days. All but one of the infected mice treated with the experimental therapy not only survived, but remained energetic and kept weight on -- despite having high levels of the flu virus in their lungs...The experimental treatment is a heavy dose of MG53, part of a family of proteins that plays an essential role in cell membrane repair. Already identified as a potential therapy for conditions ranging from Alzheimer's disease to persistent skin wounds, MG53 was found in this study to prevent death from a lethal flu infection by blocking excessive inflammation -- without having any effect on the virus itself."
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