SNS-301 (noninfectious lambda bacteriophage viruses)

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Organization Sensei Biotherapeutics
Website URL
Market status Under Development
Industry Medical
Value chain stage Input
Business models B2C
Product categories Medical Treatment + Medicine
Biotech components Virus
Organization type(s) Private Company
Funding types Private Funding
Known funding amount $28,500,000 USD
Notes “Sensei Biotherapeutics has raised $28.5 million to advance a pipeline of personalized cancer drugs. The financing round comes weeks after Sensei shared clinical data on the effect of combining its lead asset SNS-301 with Merck’s checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda...SNS-301 is the most advanced example of Sensei’s immunophage approach. Sensei is engineering noninfectious lambda bacteriophage viruses to display target antigens. Upon entering an antigen-presenting cell, phage virions trigger a response that leads activated T cells to target the displayed tumor-associated antigen (TAA). Sensei plans to make personalized therapies out of off-the-shelf components, cutting the time it takes to deliver a treatment tailored to a patient’s tumor."
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