AMX-818 (T-Cell Engager)

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Organization Amunix
Market status Under Development
Industry Medical
Value chain stage Input
Business models B2B + B2C
Biotech components Molecule
Organization type(s) Private Company
Funding types Private Funding
Notes “Now it has preclinical evidence to back up its lead program, AMX-818 for HER2-positive solid tumors. In mouse models of HER2-positive solid tumors, a single dose of AMX-818 caused large tumors to shrink, Amunix reported at the virtual meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)...AMX-818 is a T-cell engager—a drug that’s designed to unleash an immune attack against tumors at the site of the cancer, with the goal of prompting tumor regression without touching off cytokine release syndrome (CRS), an immune over-reaction sometimes seen with CAR-T cell therapies. Amunix designed the drug to include sites that release proteases—enzymes in the tumor microenvironment that break down proteins."
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