GM Tomato Resistance (Ptr 1 gene) to Bacterial Speck Disease

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Organization Boyce Thompson Institute
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Market status Under Development
Industry Food & Agriculture
Value chain stage Finished Product
Business models B2B
Product categories Food
Biotech components Gene Editing + Plant
Organization type(s) Research Institution
Funding types Research Institution
Notes "Recent research at the Boyce Thompson Institute headed by postgraduates Carolina Mazo-Molina and Samantha Mainiero and overseen by faculty member Greg Martin...has uncovered the first known gene to impart resistance to a particular strain, called "race 1", of the bacterium causing speck disease...With the discovery of this new gene, which the researchers have dubbed Pseudomonas tomato race 1 (Ptr1), damage caused by bacterial speck disease may soon become a thing of the past."
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