Yeast based platform to synthesize complex bioactive molecules

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Organization Concordia University
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Market status Early Stage Concept
Industry Medical + Multipurpose
Value chain stage Platform
Business models B2B
Product categories Medicine + Other
Biotech components Yeast
Organization type(s) University
Funding types University
Notes "In a new study published in Nature Communications, Vincent Martin outlines a method to synthesize complex bioactive molecules much more quickly and efficiently. One of the principal ingredients in this new technique developed by the biology professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Microbial Engineering and Synthetic Biology is simple baker's yeast. The single-cell organism has cellular processes that are similar to those of humans, giving biologists an effective substitute in drug development research. Using cutting-edge synthetic biology approaches, Martin and his colleagues in Berkeley, California were able to produce a large amount of benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (BIA) to synthesize an array of natural and new-to-nature chemical structures in a yeast-based platform."
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